All meals, snacks, and drinks provided will be nutritious and will be home cooked. I will avoid at all times using large quantities of fat, sugar, salt, additives, preservatives, and colourings.


A child's personal and medical dietary requirements will be respected including religious requirements. Menus are planned and food served is fresh.


A weekly multi-cultural menu is offered to ensure that children from all backgrounds have the opportunity to try unfamiliar foods and to learn about different cultures.


Fresh drinking water is available at all times and offered or given regularly to those that are unable to ask.


Milk provided for children will be full fat or formula unless otherwise requested.


Children will participate in cookery sessions. The older children will complete and participate in a healthy eating chart which will encourage and educate them regarding the 5 a day of fruit and vegetables


Under new regulations set out by the foods standard agency that came into affect from December 2014, any premises that provides meals onsite must list all ingriedients and allergies when preparing meals. I will list the meals for the week on my noticeboard for parents to see.

A Typical Day (varies each week)


Morning snack - ricecakes, banana, grapes


Lunch - peanut butter or cheese sandwich on wholemeal bread, vegetables, savoury bites, apple


Afternoon snack - dark apricots, oatcake with cream cheese


Dinner - lasagne, fruit yogurt


I do have a weekly menu that is rotated every week and this is pinned up on the fridge and copies are also available for the parents.














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